Monday, August 15, 2011

3 Things.

With Ziggy away for the weekend, I found myself with the freedom to hop on the train on Saturday and head to Palo Alto to meet mom for a little retail therapy at Stanford Shopping Center. We enjoyed the warm summer day walking from shop to shop, bought some fresh produce, and topped off the day with wine and potato skins at Max's Cafe {I have to say, it was yum!}
A leisurely & sunny Sunday  morning was spent at Starbucks perusing all my favorite magazines, marking up inspiring finds, wants, needs, etc.  The afternoon was spent on the reorganization/purging of my mom's closet, which led to a trip down memory lane with lots of laughs!  I even scored some pieces to add to my closet. Mostly, my weekend was nice and relaxing.  And, although I did miss the little guy, here are a few things that I especially enjoyed. 
1.  Shucking fresh white corn right there at Sigona's Farmer's Market, at Stanford Shopping Center.  (Make sure to ask about the wine/cheese gift if you spend more than $30)
2.  Spending some time with my college cat, Bianca.  After several moves to pet unfriendly locations, she has a permanent home with my mom.
3.  Playing dress up while working on mom's Closet Project.  I uncovered some MomJeans that she's still proud of and won't give away.  And, there may be pictures to come. 


  1. You made closet cleaning sound like fun! And what great bracelets - wonderful mix of casual and elegant.