Monday, November 12, 2012

Three Things.

This last week was more hectic and stressful than weeks past so a trip to North Carolina was exactly what I needed. From breakfasts at home to a stroll down the main drag in Southern Pines to cozy naps on the couch I couldn't ask for more, especially because it was time all spent with my favorite. While it's a joke amongst my friends that I always seem to find myself in long distance relationships, I've never felt so close to someone and he's all the way across the country. Lucky for me, in just a few months this will all change as he packs up and moves out West. I couldn't be more thrilled to begin this chapter of my life with someone so special. And of course, the cross country roadtrip we're planning just add to all the excitement of the adventures ahead.

1. Feeling Fall in North Carolina

2. Listening to my favorite play the guitar on a Saturday night

3. Wagon Wheel, by Old Crow Medicine Show - you just can't go anywhere without hearing this song. I love that.


  1. very exciting news!!! i've always wanted to drive cross country and stop everywhere along the way...enjoy!