Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ageless Appeal.

 {Eileen Fisher glovette//my Great Grandmother's ring}

When my mom and I go to New York City, shopping is a major part of our trip. Then again, who wouldn't like that?  For quite awhile now, we've both loved the Eileen Fisher experience {see here when I first discovered EF} and visit the Stanford and Fillmore shops regularly. But last Saturday while in New York, we were in for a sweet treat when we found ourselves in front of the Eileen Fisher Boutique on Madison Avenue - Two floors! We had a great time perusing each piece; I was drawn to mustard-colored glovettes with just a bit of bronzey sparkle which I had to have {every girl needs a bit of sparkle now and then}. My creative energy was peaked once meeting Delyana from this scarf tying video of scarf tying options - such a great way to change up your look. Delyana actually works at the Madison Avenue boutique; I just love how this company utilizes and celebrates its personnel to represent their company - after all, they're there on a daily basis, and who would know better?

A few days later, while shopping in Soho, we made a stop at the EF store there.  Again, another lovely experience and what a gorgeous store, don't you think? 

Actually, I love the Soho area so much I think I could live there happily ever after....


  1. Adore the little gloves; such a perfect accessory even if it isn't really cold outdoors. Great look and post.

  2. love those gloves...i've never thought much of EF, of course I haven't looked at her line since i was much younger so i'll have to check her out again. as for nyc, if i lived there, west village would be the place for me <3

    a peek of chic

  3. Oh, so lucky to have gone to New York! I've only been there once and didn't get to see everything I wanted! -Jessica