Monday, February 6, 2012

3 Things.

This weekend was all about resting up and prepping for my trip to New York, which is rapidly approaching. Although chilly in San Francisco, the days were pleasant and sunny making it easy to run my errands {which is good since it looks as though the weather is about to take a turn}. I've always prided myself on my suitcase packing skills – I can travel anywhere in just 1 carry-on suitcase {special thanks to my pilot father for this attribute}, but this time I've taken it a whole step further by making a list of what I need to pack according to our cram packed itinerary, taking it as far as organizing by "look". May sound a little strange and overly type A {so not me}, but I can clearly see where I have outfit remix opportunities and identify any missing items I need to grab before I take off. The easy part is over, now I need to get out there and actually find the extra items needed, plus get everything else done in life… my job, appointments, getting together with my girlfriends, and spending as much time with Ziggy as possible before I go. So far, it's shaping up to be a busy week!

1. San Francisco at twilight. While sometimes the City drives me nuts, I can truly appreciate being able to walk around the quieter spots on the weekend.

2. Pinterest - a friend told me a while ago I would love this. Not sure why {or how} I resisted for so long, it's genius {and the inspiration behind my packing list}. See my pins here.

3. Spending time with Ziggy. How can anything in life be wrong waking up to this little sweet face each day?


  1. Ohh exciting. I love travel, and New York City is at the top of my list. Have fun, and write all about it!

  2. Am I the "friend?" So glad you are on Pinterest! This should make you accessorizing all of my outfits for me so much easier now. ;)

  3. AW that puppy is so cute! I love New York! Would love to go back and visit and take lots of pictures! -Jessica