Thursday, February 16, 2012

Style Tips from Ken Downing.

For those of you who don't know who Ken Downing is you live under a rock, he is the SVP and Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus. Within minutes of listing to Ken speak, it's easy to understand he is a creative genius in both fashion and design. He's even more stunning in person; as though there's a constant breeze tousling his hair. Ken Downing is beautiful. And what more, quite insightful as to Fall 2012 must haves. Here are a few golden nuggets of fashion knowledge for you to live by. Immediately.

Always remember, black is a constant and navy is the new classic; so it's time to invest. Don't be afraid to mix navy and black. Done right, it can look European chic.

Navy Baby.

Jackets are back in a major way. Long or short, experiment with sleeve lengths and shapes, and different fabrics and textures. And rather than wear it the old, conventional way, try draping your coat or jacket on your shoulders {this way you can hold your pocket book and your glass of champagne, of course}

Jacket Frenzy.

If you don't already have a tuxedo jacket, what are you waiting for? Run now and get one. The tuxedo jacket is a must have and can be worn with skinny pants or over a long dress and instantly pull your look together.

Must. Have. Now.

Military touches are a fun addition to your Fall 2012 wardrobe. This influence was apparent in Victoria Beckham's fall 2012 ready-to-wear show. Click here for full presentation.

Military Touches.


  1. I love the pieces you are showcasing here. The military touches are my favorite.


  2. I have always wanted an Alexander McQueen purse.