Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sweet retreat....

I was out with some girlfriends last Friday night trying to find something fun to do. We went out and hit some of our favorite spots in San Francisco, but just couldn't find anything to keep our attention. We needed to escape the city for a fun adventure, but where......? We decided to go wine tasting in Sonoma. What could be more perfect? A fun roadtrip with some of my best friends. Our first stop in Healdsburg was the Wilson Winery. This winery only offers reds wines. I'm a white wine kinda gal and did not partake in the tasting, but it did have the opportunity to learn more about red wine (which was hardly anything to begin with!). I loved how down to earth and comfortable this family-oriented tasting room felt. Definitely a great first stop to warm you up for wine tasting. Next we headed to the fabulous Michel-Schlumberger winery. Talk about a lovely and classy place! My friends and I enjoyed our glasses of wine by a fire on soft, comfy couches. Of course it being only January, there are primarily red wines available for tastings in the Healdsburg area. I was lucky enough to enjoy their 2007 La Brume Chardonnay. By now it was time to liven things up. It had been highly recommended that we head to a place called the Dry Creek General Store. Now this place reminded me of a dive I used to spend time at in college and loved it! The people were super REAL and so friendly and best of all..they were in the middle of playing a game of wii Bowling (my absolute fave!). I knew I had to get in at least one game in. The game was great, everyone had a fun time AND I beat everyone. They had no idea what they were getting themselves into :) Famished, it was time for dinner at Willie's Seafood. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone. We sat outdoors (with heated lamps of course) and ate the best food. I cannot wait for my next trip back..YUM! The reality of it is this whole trip was about me taking care of me. I needed a to get away from the city to escape to somewhere peaceful and Healdsburg was just that. Sometimes you have to take some time for yourself gain some clarity and really understand what is important in life...plus it never hurts to spend a day pampering yourself in great company.

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