Thursday, January 28, 2010


Right before Christmas, I received my weekly Goldstar email update and saw half-price tickets for Wicked on sale! Now for those of you who don't know what Goldstar is-- it's a website full of fun ideas, half-price tickets, fantastic restaurants and everything you need for a great night out in the city. (So register right after you finish reading this!) I was super excited because I knew this would be the perfect Christmas gift for my mom. We decided to wait until after the holiday season, you know, after San Francisco calms down--who are we kidding? San Francisco NEVER calms down. Anywho,we decided a Thursday would be the perfect night to go. I suprised her with taking Friday off as well so we could spend the day together. After a quick dinner, we headed over to the Orpheum Theater. Upon arrival, we were escorted down to our seats, which were pretty fantastic I might add (Go Goldstar!). The best part of the night was spending this time with my mom. I remember as a little girl watching The Wizard of Oz with her and loving it, but also being so scared of the Wicked Witch. Luckily, this fun and witty prequel to The Wizard of Oz changed both of our points of view. This is a definite must see if ever given the opportunity. And I have to say it definitely sweetens the experience if you have the opportunity to go with someone special and as wonderful at my mom.

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