Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New York, New York

Every February, my mom and I take a trip to New York. And everytime is better than the last..this year being no exception. This is the time when I get to wear my vintage Persian Lamb coat, Talbots leather gloves (yes, Talbots - they have the best accessories) and favorite JCrew boots - my personal "must haves" for a trip to New York during the cold weather. Although I had to pack a little more than expected as things were a bit different this trip. While I was in New York enjoying FashionWeek with my mom and spending time catching up with family, I was also working during the week. Quite the balancing act...and loved every minute. We stayed at the always lovely Waldof Towers in an apartment on the 38th floor, which included the only terrace in the hotel...outstanding views!! I spent a memorable day under the tents at Bryant Park with my mom and saw the most amazing shows..Luca Luca, Herve Leger, Diane Von Furstenberg and Custo Barcelona. Talk about an incredible much creative energy around me. I walked out from under those tents inspired.

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