Friday, February 26, 2010

Runway ready....

Now if there is one thing I love to do in New York City it's to shop. While I always hit the Madison Avenue-5th Avenue stores (if not just to see the windows of all the major department stores--absolutely Beautiful), I also love exploring different neighborhoods and finding the hidden gems; this time in the SoHo area. I pick all places I shop based on the window displays. Now maybe it's just the inner merchandiser in me, but I think a stores window should be a snapshot as to what is inside. When I came across the windows of Runway, I had to check it out. There was so much going on, yet it all made complete sense..kind of an organized chaos with a European sophistication. Inside had the same feel, everyone was so kind and helpful and I'm pretty sure I saw a dog and atleast 2 cats--the owners pets :) I walked away with fantastic ruffled trench coat in tan (pictured in yellow above). If you ever find yourself in SoHo this store is a Must go to. And make sure to ask for JC, Runway's in-house Stylist.

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