Monday, November 7, 2011

3 Things.

This past weekend I accompanied my mom to a board meeting in Port Aransas, Texas {near Corpus Christi}. We have a family condo there, and arrived in Texas just in time for a walk on the beach, and a cat nap before the Friday night dinner party. Saturday I spent reading and watching tv, just like when I was a little girl and Saturday night, my mom and I drove out to Snoopy's Pier, a family tradition, and sat on the pier while we enjoyed dinner, and watched the fishing boats come in with their catches. I hadn't been to the condo for 15 years. I may have been avoiding going back in part because of the happy memories I have there with my family. Whatever the case may be, sooo many years later, I'm glad I went back. Even though things are different now, I look forward to returning and creating new memories there. 

1. Port Royal, vacation destination - LOVE!

2. Snoopy's Pier for reminding me of old times and looking forward to new memories

3. Continental Airlines; the best airline there is. They have been good to my family and I feel blessed for the opportunities in travel I have had.

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