Friday, July 1, 2011

Pink & Ruffles.

{skirt-American Apparel, cami-H&M, bag-Marc Jacobs, earrings-Doris Kozlovic, rings-Tiffany & thrifted, Report sandals}

I can't help it. I just love this skirt (proof here and here) probably just because of the amount of compliments I get each time I wear it. It's the perfect shade of pink and always flows so beautifully - points for the twirl factor. I can edge it up with a leather jacket and chunky bracelets or embrace the girliness by simply adding a light weight cami and dainty earrings - adding ruffles is always acceptable. I sort of went for a combination of the two by adding this black Marc Jacobs Cecilia quilted handbag to my otherwise feminine look.


  1. Great photos! Love the outfit, earrings. Beautiful background.

  2. i am loving this skirt!! how tall are you? it looks like a maxi on you, but on the website it looks shorter.

    a peek of chic

  3. The material of that skirt is so pretty. I don't know if I like the pleating though...seems very formal. It would be really pretty if it was just a flowy skirt :)

    Castle Fashion

  4. Great post! I love it, I can see why you added it to the IFB independence challenge!

  5. Thanks, Em! LOVE the Mod-ern Girl nail color!

  6. Thanks, Cheryl! I'm above average - 5'6". But sometimes average can be awkward! Then again, I think everyone is a critic of their own height overall.