Friday, July 22, 2011

MomArt 5 {Ziggy Edition}.

{Yum. Yogurt!!}

It's Friday! Thank goodness. So how about a little MomArt? The dynamic duo have been spending some QT together. And for those of you not familiar, MomArt is photography offering a view into the adventures of my mom {and Ziggy} through those angelic eyes....and her blackberry.

{Baby basking in the sun after five mi walk}

{Getting up from a nap in the sun}

{Many sharks and fish on Zigs new tshirt for Wharf to Wharf}

Speaking of Wharf to Wharf, Ziggy and I will be walking with friends and family in Santa Cruz this weekend begins at the Boadwalk and ends in Capitola. If your around, come join the fun!

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