Thursday, June 9, 2011

Little Brown Bootie.

Little Brown Bootie.

Lately, I've been obsessing over little brown boots - tearing through the pages of a my many magazines and perusing my favorite online shopping, trying to find my perfect pair-I'm still weighing on whether I want a more masculine ankle boot or feminine bootie. And while I do own these Blowfish cuties, I'm really looking to accentuate my canklessness with something a little tighter around the ankle. Yes, cankless-ness meaning the opposite of cankles {or the area of the leg where the calf meets the foot in an abrupt, non tapering terminus way}. -Ness, just to make the word an abstract concept, and obviously just making this whole thing that much cooler. Which pair would you choose?
1. Forever21 wood heels, $30
2. Belstaff brown shoes, 304 GBP
3. Michael Kors open toe shoes, $459
4. HTC vintage shoes, 619 EUR
5. Manolo Blahnik leather booties, $916
6. Miu Miu lace up bootie, $795
7. Diane von Furstenberg brown booties, 398 GBP


  1. My favourites are the miu miu boots!!

    thank you for posting on the IFB group, we have left a comment for you there!

  2. They are all FAB, but the Miu Miu boots are calling my name!

  3. great post love all of those boots!
    XX Ilana

  4. Im putting the Miu Miu's on my birthday list!!