Monday, March 7, 2011

Kusmi Tea.

Considering that I woke up at 4am yesterday morning with a 102 fever, I can now see why I was lacking creativity last week - I was getting sick. Whatever this bug floating around is, it did take out quite a few coworkers last week. Although it seemed short lived, I had hoped I could avoid it all together. Guess not :(

While I was lucky enough to have my little Ziggy here to take care of my bedridden self, I did have to take him out for bathroom breaks. Yesterday morning, I stopped by the Vietnamese sandwich shop/Cafe for a hot chocolate. I must have appeared extremely ill because the owner refused to sell me a hot chocolate, but did make me "special tea" to make me better. I'm still not 100% as to what I exactly drank, but that combined with multiple cups of Kusmi tea is what is getting me through.

Once I'm better, I will have to try out the recipes on their website - cocktails infused with teas. Genius!

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