Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Accidentally On Purpose.

One birthday celebration a few weeks back, I, along with my girlfriends, sought refuge in Bocadillos. After having a not so pleasant experience at a certain lounge full of bubbles (which shall remain nameless), things quickly turned around moments after entering Bocadillos. Squeezing the 4 of us at a tiny table certainly wasn't planned, but the restaurant's energetic vibe ended up being the perfect (relocation) celebration spot.

Oh and Bocadillos has tapas. I don't just like tapas. I love tapas (see here). I love ordering an assortment of small plates in attempt to try as much as possible. I also love how I try to rationalize me eating an absurd amount of food in the previous sad, but I tried.

Must try: patatas bravas with romesco sauce.

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