Monday, October 4, 2010

Santa Cruz.

I always enjoy my time spent in Santa Cruz. Not only is this a place full of chill people, yummy burritos and my favorite restaurant, Crow's Nest, Santa Cruz is where I have some of my fondest childhood memories of time spent with my family. Vacation spots are often tied to such visceral memories; this is probably why I ended up attending college at UC Santa Cruz (Go, Banana Slugs!). There is just something so enchanting about my family's house in the Yacht Harbor - a place where true relaxation can be found AND it's a few minutes walk to the beach. With all the hustle bustle of the city this is always an invited escape. And Ziggy sure loves the extra space he has to run (and jump) around in Santa Cruz too....

Up next, staycation in The Mission watching after 4 of my favorite pups.....

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