Friday, October 29, 2010

It Is What It Is.

Every few months or so, the lobby in my office building showcases a new art collection. For the last little bit, the simply striped pieces of Eli Geiser have displayed on the walls. Geiser's Slang Art collection show just how far from simple she is - you can't help but smile while reading the clever & witty titles assigned to each piece. Each time I walk by the large It Is What It Is painting it reminds me of just how fortunate I truely am for all that I have in my life. It Is What It Is - It's Life! So enjoy it!

Have a great weekend, Everyone! xo

{Come On}

{Hang On}

{No Way}

{Piss Off}

{Shut Up}

{So What}

{Whats Up}

{Why Not}

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