Monday, July 8, 2013

3 Things.

A quick snap back to reality after a long, beautiful holiday weekend. With the exception of dinner in Los Gatos on Saturday evening with my mom, S and I stayed in the city to explore and relax with afternoon strolls throughout the city where we stumbled upon new restaurants sure to be visited again (very soon) and also enjoying the ones we frequent on a regular basis. This, along with some time at home watching movies, reading magazines and starting The Office over from the beginning (I'm a sucker for Jim & Pam falling in love every time) was the perfect balance to our extended weekend.

1. Coit Tower on a foggy San Francisco day

2. Goofing around the city with my favorite.

3. Dinner at Nick's Crispy Tacos and a Magnum Gold for dessert - the perfect way to end a Sunday.

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