Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Time.

vintage dress//Dolce Vita shoes//Chloe handbag//VonZipper sunglasses

As a child I always loved playing in my mom's closet. I would spend hours pouring over luxe fabrics, intricate detailing, cool accessories and designer shoes & handbags - she has a look for everything in her perfectly curated collection. And to be honest, not much has changed since. Every time I visit home I find myself exactly back where I started, cruising through my mom's closet.

This dress was one of my favorites she wore when I was little. So different from other items in her closet, I remember asking why she chose that dress and her reply was simply "You can't help but feel happy in this dress". Of course, who wouldn't want a happy dress? So you can imagine how elated I was a few years ago when my mom handed it down to me. Beyond thrilled.

Happy Mother's Day to all those wonderful woman out there who make the world a better place. And a special happy day to my fabulous, fashionable mom. Can't wait to spend the weekend with you! xo

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