Monday, January 14, 2013

3 Things.

Things over the weekend were calm and quiet (with the exception of the 49ers game - for that, I was loud). I had dinner with my parents, did a little yoga, went to a movie matinee, stayed in my pj's until noon, and spent some time spreecasting on the Golden Globes red carpet with my favorite girls, Val & Emily. All in all things were good, but I can't wait until I finally shake this cold.

1. Saw Les Miserables. Finally. A definite must-see.

2. My Niners did it again! Saturdays game was a big win for San Francisco giving us lots to celebrate. I'm bummed they won't be playing at home this weekend, but sure did not want them play Seahawks again.

3. Homemade chicken soup by my mom. She takes extra special care when I'm sick.

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