Monday, April 9, 2012

Find Sierra.

This past Easter weekend was spent doing something much different than previous years. My Mom and I volunteered to join the search for the missing Morgan Hill 15 year old, Sierra LaMar. As soon as I checked in at the Find Sierra Search Center, it was hard to keep from crying. I was moved by all the people working in one space with such purpose; all working towards one goal - to bring Sierra home. I can't even imagine what her family and friends are going through, and for that, I am so thankful. 

Volunteering is easy. The KlaasKids Foundation has set up the Find Sierra Search Center at Burnett Elementary School in Morgan Hill.  Those who would like to participate in the search should check in at the school between the hours of 8am - 1pm. Searches are mostly held daily, but check the Find Sierra Facebook page for updates here. You must be at least 18 years old with a valid ID, and that's all you need. We were grouped with 10 others, and then assigned a team number and search area. We were told to look for anything that doesn't "belong" there. 

During the search, we combed through tall brush (like 10 feet tall), poison oak, prickly bushes, and who knows what else. I have to admit it was brutal at times, and under other circumstances, I might have quit. But because the cause was so great, all of us completed the search. Then, it was back to the Center for debriefing, where findings were reported and discussed with an expert.

Should you decide to go out and join the search for Sierra, a few tips:
  • Wear long pants and tall socks underneath Wear comfortable shoes you do not mind getting very dirty.
  • Do not wear your hair down - put up in a ponytail or bun, wear a hat or hoodie. You do not want to get any ticks.
  • Gloves are a great idea to bring.
  • Wear a thin long sleeved shirt and layers. Poison oak and ivy may be in you path, not fun.
  • Bring a golf club to move through
  • Drink water.
  • Don't complain. It just brings the team down and things be so much worse. Seriously.
  • Remember please and thank you go a long way, especially with 10 new personalities thrown together.
Please don't think this post is saying you should drop everything and join the search, however, I am encouraging you to do something positive for your community. Your community takes care of you in many ways you don't even notice. Donating your time makes a difference in others' lives and can be highly rewarding. 

To donate money towards the search for Sierra LaMar, click here.

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  1. Very admirable, and such a worthwhile way to spend your time.