Monday, March 5, 2012

Three Things.

Last Friday, after Ziggy had been sedated, xrays taken, and knee examined, I received great news from the vet - Ziggy may not require surgery as they had originally thought. Since then, Ziggy seems to be improving and getting stronger as each day passes. The idea of such a little dog having ACL surgery, then physical therapy (seriously), was overwhelming. So, I'm really thankful for that, and also for having spent some quality time with my two favorite people - my mom and dad.  I took solace in some extensive retail therapy (checking three items off my fashion bucket list), indulged on some savory, surprisingly comforting meals and took advantage of the random, gorgeous weather with a long walk to the park. All in all, life is good. 

1. Talking a walk through the Financial District. It's like a different world on the weekends - quiet & peaceful. 

2. Noming on wild mushroom flat bread at the Nordstrom Bistro with my mom.

3. Team Ziggy. I'm so happy he's beginning to feel better.

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