Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sunny Days

Sunny Days.

Even though Fall is technically here, I can't get enough of these warm, sunny San Francisco days. Although I had planned to start transitioning my closet for the season, I just may need to put this off for another weekend. Maybe if the weather holds up I'll do a little shopping instead. {Knock on wood}

1. Sequin shirt, $396
2. Missoni top
3. Cheap Monday super skinny jeans, $65
4. Givenchy black ballet flat, €398
5. Roberto Cavalli gold plated bangle, $2,120
6. Yves Saint Laurent gold plated bangle, $895
7. Mulberry gold bangle bracelet, $300
8.Castor Pollux brass bangle, $172
9. Friendship bracelet, $11

1 comment:

  1. I Love this outfit too. Now that you've seen me commenting on 2 posts in a row you know I am giving honest opinion. Actually, that's where I Saw you.. the "honesty" group from IFB.

    This is totally something I'd wear too! I was just in SF a few weeks ago and weather definitely wasn't as nice. Lucky you!