Monday, September 26, 2011

3 Things.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. Since she had plans to see Tony Bennett that evening at the Mountain Winery {lucky girl} and I am under a tight deadline, we decided to do an early breakfast in the city. After a delicious breakfast at Dottie's we headed to DSW to peruse the aisles chit chatting. Though it was a simple day, I couldn't have had more fun with anyone else - Happy Birthday to my lovely Mom!

{AK leopard heels & Ralph Lauren Sahara boots}

1. Finding the perfect birthday card. So perfect, I received the very same one from a dear friend for my birthday.

2. The BEST french toast from Dottie's; well worth the wait.

3. Yet another successful trip to the "library".

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  1. happy birthday, amy! i seriously meant to send her an email. i hope she enjoyed her day.