Friday, April 15, 2011

Sunday Morning.

Sunday mornings are one of my favorite times and whenever in Santa Cruz, I know it is Ziggy's favorite time. It's when we wake up early and go for a looong walk. When looking back through my photos of SC, I realized they kind of tell the story from Ziggy's point of view....

{first stop}

{ok, now we're all ready}

{off to the beach}

{for some ball}

{and to dig}

{a little deeper}

{then take in the scenery and do some jumps over the barrier}

{next a quick stop by the Farmers Market}

{Oh look! shopping}

 {and I get tied up while they browse & bargain}

{Carolee necklaces & twisted metal bracelet}
{Gutierrez ring}

{a new necklace. yes, it is what you think it is}

{back towards the home}

 {to take a nap}

{hiding so I don't have to go home}

Where's Ziggy?

Sadly, Ziggy and I will not be heading back to the beach this weekend. I appreciate your patience as I have been dwelling on my Santa Cruz weekends during the past 2 weeks to keep me going; we have been so spoiled with such lovely weather. However, I will be participating in the Great Race hosted by the Rotary of Los Gatos. If you are around the Los Gatos area, come join the fun!

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