Thursday, December 2, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside. has turned C-O-L-D in San Francisco. And with the rain expecting to hit tonight and last throughtout the weekend, I am looking forward to a nice, quiet weekend at home organizing my sweaters in their new found home in my closet (mentioned here). Marled knits have recently topped my list of must-have's for San Francisco living. Here are some of my favorites sweater options, plus a few extras.

Marled Knits.

1. Fat Face Iris Knitted Dress, Grey marl, 45 GBP
2. uee Grey Marl Knit, 155 GBP
3. Knitted Slouchy Stitch Jumper, $80
4. Folios Grey Marl Knitted Cardigan, 99 GBP
5. A.P.C. Madras / Knit Poncho, $270
6. AE Women's Marled Sweater Jacket (Violet Shine), $50
7. Nordstrom Marled Cable Knit Slipper, $24
8. John Lewis Women Plain Knit Beret, Grey marl, 14 GBP
9. Marled knit snood - J.Crew, $50

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