Monday, February 17, 2014

3 Things.

{Judi Dench is brilliant in Philomena. Must see.}

We've finally made it back to California. Originally, planned to come home last Thursday, the weather detained my mom and I for an additional three days in New York City. Rough stuff, I know, but we certainly made the best of it by taking in a movie at the quaint Paris Theatre, ogled over the sparkling collection of Jewels by JAR and enjoyed an afternoon tea in The Palm Court. For how often we stay at The Plaza, it's almost a crime we haven't indulged until now. All in all, this trip to New York was the most incredible yet, but so happy to be home sweet home.

{Saturday afternoon at The Metropolitan Museum of Art right before the snow started up again}

 {A decadent afternoon tea at The Palm Court}

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