Monday, June 3, 2013

3 Things.

Each birthday, I like to take a moment to reflect on the year's event. At this time last year, I was enjoying life with good friends, special time with family and overall feeling happy about the life I've built in San Francisco. I realize now this was the first time I felt truly content with myself, who I was becoming and where my life was heading. Little did I know just a couple weeks later, I was about to meet S, fall in love and he would end up moving out to San Francisco where we now live together. Today at 32, I'm the happiest I've ever been. Not all aspects of life are perfect, but I have faith everything works out the way it should in time. It's so crazy how life can change in just one year. I look forward to what's to come next.  

1. Enjoying sweet watermelon on a hot day at the park.

2. June 1st marked the beginning of my month long juice cleanse. Wish me luck!

3. An early morning walk down to the beach with S & Ziggy - enough to make any day better.

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