Friday, April 12, 2013

Don't Worry. Be Happy.

 This Friday never felt so good after an insane week where everything that possibly could go wrong, went wrong. Seriously, obstacles seemed to follow me wherever I went and I'm so happy the weekend is almost here. Not that this weeks challenges have been for nothing, I did learn I've grown as a person - things that may have knocked me down in the past, I worked right through finding compromises that turned out even better than initially planned (Kinko's, I love you and your late night hours) and remained calm through it all, with the exception of one early morning panic which I've since blocked out (although I fear my favorite was forever scarred by this particular moment. Bless his sweet heart). At the end of the day everything worked out and I walked away with a few laughable moments that will forever be in my memory and some tips for future - like always reconfirm your car service for an early morning pick up. As of now, I have absolutely nothing planned for the weekend except to take some time to smell the roses (or tulips in my case). Happy weekend. xoxo

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  1. Very cryptic, yet understandable and relatable. Except for the car service part! I hope you have a lovely weekend! -Jess L