Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Personal Style.

Lately, I've been asked about my personal style - what inspires me, how I put together certain looks, etc. It's all about comfort and confidence. During my twenties, my wardrobe was really in a state of flux. While I was great at picking out cute and well-styled individual pieces, I never really knew how to combine them to achieve a personal style. I knew what I wanted, but struggled to achieve a cohesive "look" that felt like me. If you've ever felt this way, it's time to get organized and give these tips a go:

Fashion Magazines. Flip through fashion magazines and gather images of your favorite celebrities and fashion icons. Now is not the time for compromise - whose closet would you covet most if you could choose anyone in the world? Don't limit yourself to those whose looks you like, but ones that feel like you (and if funds were unlimited and you have your own stylist). And although not formally trained, sometimes I enjoy sketching out the looks myself. And while I'm lucky to haven inherited quite the artistic streak from my grandmother, I'd love to further refine my skillset. I've been referencing this guide to Online Schools for more details about fashion merchandising and design education.  

Mr. Newton// The Socialite Speaks//Refinery 29//A Peek of Chic are just a few of my daily reads.

Street Style. Fashion blogging is obviously one of my passions and I peruse other blogs as a source of inspiration. While you're out in the real world, check out people around you who look the most together. What are they wearing? Tailored blazers, designer handbags, colorful scarves? Note key style pieces in your mind and begin the search for your own interpretation. Personally, I live by my ipad and Pinterest to keep organized.

Classic Quality.

Classic Quality. Invest in some high quality pieces in your wardrobe, these items will last you a lifetime. I love the mix of trendy lower price items combined with a high-end handbag or shoes. Sometimes it just makes sense to spend more on a few simple items, such as a beautiful white blouse, designer scarf, high quality belt, a strand of pearls, great jeans, and similar items. 

Make a List. Now go back and make a list of recurring themes from your celebrity photos, favorite street fashion and your own best pieces. Really break down what you see, don’t guess. Is it the chunky accessories that make the look? The retro tops? Make a list of the major characteristics that you see in all three of your categories. These are the keys to your personal style; these are the types of items to reference when you shop. Again, pinterest is a dream for this.

Don’t Be Afraid of Change. Some of the items on your list might be scarily different than your normal look, but don’t be afraid of them! If necessary, ease into incorporating them into your look, especially if you’re in a notoriously unstylish place like Starbucks on Sunday morning or the airport (seriously, is that where fashion goes to die?!)

UC Santa Cruz graduation

Educate yourself. I've always been an advocate of education. I can't think of a better way to build confidence and polish oneself. Since graduating college a few years ago, I've always known I need to continue on with an MBA and then attend fashion school in order to build a well-rounded understanding of the industry. Lately, I've been referencing this resource to learn more about degree programs right for me.

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