Wednesday, January 18, 2012

There's Something About Rosemary.

There is something about this time of year that commands the use of rosemary. Maybe it's its hearty structure, intense floral scent or the way it can transform a dish. Rosemary is one herb that can take San Francisco weather and thrive. It's worth having a plant on hand so whenever you need some rosemary, it's just a quick trip to your herb garden. Whether you get your rosemary from your own plants or from the produce section, here are a few tips for using this fragrant herb I picked up from my favorite gals at Fine Foods at Home:
  • Rosemary has a strong, almost resinous flavor.  Often times, a little goes a long ways.  If you aren't sure you'll like the flavor in a new recipe, start by adding half the amount and taste it.  You can always add more.
  • Unlike many fresh herbs which are added at the end of the cooking time, rosemary can be added earlier in the process. 
  • If removing the leaves from the stem simply grasp the top of a stem with one hand and with the other hand, pull your fingers down the stem from top to bottom. This will strip all the leaves off the stem. 
  • There are numerous ways to use the sprigs whole: add to soups or stews to flavor the broth or toss with potatoes or vegetables before oven roasting.  Just don't forget to remove it before serving dinner!
  • Rosemary stems make great skewers for the grill.  The stems impart a gentle rosemary flavor to whatever you have placed on the rosemary "skewer".  As a bonus, they are very eco-friendly and a few sprigs tied together act as an herbal basting brush while grilling. 
  • Consider using a small sprig as a garnish. The heat of the finished dish will help dissipate.
Happy Wednesday, ya'll!

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  1. love rosemary!! we are lucky enough to have a huge bush of it growing in our backyard :)

    a peek of chic