Monday, October 17, 2011

3 Things.

This past weekend in Palm Springs was awesome. Minus finalizing the JLSF magazine {that big project I’ve mentioned here and there}; craziest game of catch I’ve played in a while – thanks, Val – the weekend was calm and relaxing. Time was spent cheering on the DCHS Eagles at their Homecoming game {which they won, of course. I’m good luck} and shopping at my favorite street fair at the College of the Desert. Most of all I spent time relaxing with my boys, which is always a good time.

  1. The Eagles bringing home a victory {although both teams were the Eagles ;)}
  1. Since I’m the world’s worst at self mani’s, but sometimes just don’t have time during a busy week – meet my new little travel solve. Her name is Sally.
  1. My 49ers bringing it home yesterday {while causing quite the stir}

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