Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3 Things {Memorial Weekend Edition}

For the first time ever, I'm taking a full week vacation - something I couldn't be more thrilled about. With my 30th birthday just around the corner, I knew that the last place I wanted to be was at work (no offense to my fabulous co-workers). Instead I opted for a week filled with those I love the most in my favorite sunny California spots. First stop, Palm Springs for some tanning by the pool, new adventures (more soon), and of course, tons of delicious BBQ. Although this week has only just begun, here are three things currently that currently bring a smile to my face.

1. Teeny bikinis - but not just any teeny bikinis. These are from my thinner days AND they now fit! More to come on my no-diet diet plan.

2. Fresh corn on the cob now in season. Mmmm.

3. The perfect day. An afternoon matinee of The Hangover 2 followed by happy hour all day at AcquaPazza.

1 comment:

  1. i am not offended that you don't want to be at work! hell...i don't, either! you know my motto, 'anytime away from the office, is time well spent'.

    hmmm...can't wait to read about your 'new adventures'.